• To buy a property on any costline is inexpensive then the other european destinations. 

  • On the south coast of Turkey we have almost 300 days of sunshine a year.

  • Turkey is a candidate member of the EU.Only 3 - 4 hours flight from europa.

  • Property prices are always on the increase here in Turkey. If you are looking to make on investment you can consider renting or even re-sell at a profit.

  • Turkey is an all year round holiday destination.

  • With an almost never ending coastline, wonderful all year round weather, beautiful scenery and a culture bathed in history, it makes a perfect place to holiday in or retire to or indeed, live and work.

  • Also Turkey is a growing country with an even faster growing economy and with itís inevitable entry into the EU, offers a splendid investment opportunity, especially when it comes to Real Estate.

  • Services such as laundry, food deliveries, taxis, boat trips etc can all be provided at a very low cost.

  • Turkey can provide excellent infrastructure in respect of hospitals, roads and rail links, phone lines / internet access etc

  • Turkey is the mosaic of thousand years

  • Turkey is the Gateway between Europe & Asia and the place where the continents meets on.

  • As the world has opened up, the millions visiting Turkey annually have found friendship with their hosts.

  • Foreigners are warmly welcomed and English has become widely spoken and the second language at school. Foreigners from many countries can now legally own property in many parts of the country, especially around the Mediterranean coast.

  • To learn much reasons about "Why Turkey", come here and live directly by yourself.


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